Dog Kennels Hertfordshire

Dog Kennels HertfordshireWe do our best to emulate a home environment for our boarders and provide large, individually heated kennels with clean and comfortable beds, although we have no objection if owners wish to bring their animals own bedding and toys. 
We have recently undertaken a FULL REFURBISHMENT of the kennels and now offer a choice of standard or luxury kennels.  Customers are very welcome to come and view both to help them choose.  The Luxury Kennels are extra large with their own run attached, overlooking the new enrichment area and training arena beyond,  whilst the standard kennels, which have also been refurbished, have separate outdoor runs to which dogs are taken several times a day. 

Handling and exercise are very important at Little Revel End and so we have installed a very large grass enrichment area for off lead exercise. In addition all of our boarders enjoy a daily countryside lead walk in small sociable groups.

Multiple dogs from the same family may share a kennel and a high ratio of caring staff to boarders ensures that nothing is overlooked.  All dogs receive their share of TLC  and all animals are checked before bedtime.

We keep a good stock of complete dry food and meat varieties, but if we don’t have the brand that your dog likes, we have no objection to you providing it.

Most medication can be administered at no extra charge by our experienced and trustworthy team, however we may make a small charge if we have to spend extra time administering medication.

We ask for proof of up to date vaccinations before entering our kennels so that we can maintain a healthy environment for all our boarders.  Please check with your vet prior to boarding.  Kennel Cough vaccine must be administered at least THREE weeks prior to boarding.

Dog Kennels HertfordshirePick up and delivery can be arranged.